P90X, Turbo Fire or Insanity for Under $100 = SCAM!

Hey, I love getting a good deal too. But when you see P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity or any other Beachbody product advertised online as new for less than 100 bucks, it is a scam. These are bootleg copies, probably from China, and it is stealing. It is real easy to tell for sure if it is a bootleg. First, Beachbody does NOT sell through eBay, Amazon, or any other online outlet, ever! The only legitimate way to purchase these products is from the infomercials or through one of the Beachbody coaches. Second (as if you need more proof), the package will not come wrapped in cellophane. For example, P90X comes in a big white box with all the information you need with it. Like the nutrition guide, calendar and fitness plan (workout schedule). That brings us to the third point. The fakes typically do not include these items. And without them, success with the programs is difficult at best. Beyond all that, I have talked to and heard about many people who purchased P90X in particular through one of these sources and got screwed. Most said that the quality was poor and discs would skip. Some said that they were billed and never got anything. One guy I know in particular bought P90X from a guy on craigslist. He got about half way through the program and several discs stopped working. He then broke down and bought the real thing at full price. Not much of a deal there! Oh, did I mention that Beachbody only guarantees the official product. So if you buy a bootleg and it doesn’t work, please, don’t call Beachbody and expect a refund. And don’t expect that guy at the flea market to give you one either.

Another theft that I have seen lately is downloading the programs (I think it is called torrent). The first problem with this is these programs are huge files and will take forever to download. For example, I have heard it takes about 16 days non-stop to download the entire P90X. Another problem with this is that downloading is one of the best ways to get a computer virus. Let’s see. You save $120 but get a virus and crash your computer costing a minimum $150 to get fixed and likely lost the stolen P90X in the process. Hmmm, doesn’t really sound like a good deal anymore! And you still don’t get the fitness plan, nutrition guide, etc… And, I should point out that this is also stealing.

The last point that I would like to point out is results. I have talked to people who bought the real thing and some who have bought the bootlegs, and some who have just outright stolen it online. By far, people who purchase it legally seem to achieve much better results. Why? Well it may well be because they got the information that they needed to be successful. But, I believe it is also because they were invested in being successful. If you buy something at 1/2 price or just outright steal it, it is a lot easier to be a quitter when it gets hard, and it does get hard. If you have something invested, you will tend to push through the hard work and complete it.
Now, with all that said, I believe most of you are good people who would never knowing steal anything. I also believe that you are reading this because you are finally fed up with being out of shape or fat. Just like I was. Invest in yourself. Do it the right way and purchase the full copy, either through this website or some other Beachbody coach. But, let’s say that you just can’t afford it. Period! So somebody “gives” you a copy. You can still sign up for a free Beachbody account which will get you access to the forums and a coach to try to keep you motivated through the program. Just click below. And remember, 4 real results, you need the real thing! Good luck on your fitness journey!


  1. George Halkett says:


    I just want to let you know that I too have seen Insanity for less than $100 and was not sure that I should purchase it. I have decided to purchase the real thing may cost a little more up front but I think I will be better off in the long run.

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